The Perfect Pair For a Night Out
The Perfect Pair For a Night Out

The Perfect Pair For a Night Out

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Back in 2020, I was learning metalsmith in Korea. I was going to school until the pandemic happened. I was stuck at home and one day, I came across learning bead-making. This was my very first pair of earrings I finished. The colors of the materials I used here is so colorful that it gave me that going to a party kind of vibe-its so vibrant, hence why I called it "The Perfect Pair For a Night Out". 


Made of high-quality size 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads and beautifully hand made with Miyuki thread

Earrings are complete with a 14/20 gold-filled hook and wire guard made and imported from the U.S.

SIZE: 4.5 x 12 cm

COLORS USED: Matte Black, Matte White, Brown, Mallard Luster, Crystal Luster, Galvanized Dark Mauve, Dark Rose, Galvanized Yellow Gold, Yellow

Available in various colors

Hand-sewn in Japan 

Accessories are all sanitized before packing for your convenience and safety.