About Hashino Designs

Hi, my name is Jena Hashino.

I am half Filipino - half Japanese. I grew up in Manila most of my life but now I live in Tokyo. In my whole career living in Japan, I have always been in the field of education, as many of you know living in a non-speaking country, teaching English is the easiest way to make a living. I have done that for many years but I never felt really "this is the career" I want to pursue. I always had this urge to create. 

One day, I saw a fascinating piece of jewelry and I felt captivated by its originality. I wanted to create something like that. My designs are inspired either by the color schemes or this certain vibe I feel at the moment.

Looking back, one thing that captivated my attention was the vibrance of African fashion. So, I saved money and ventured to South Africa to learn about its culture and to join a metalsmith workshop. I enjoyed the workshop so much that I had this urge to start my own business. 

After my trip to South Africa came the Covid pandemic. At the time, I lived in South Korea and I just felt isolated from my friends and family. It was a tough couple of years for me and I'm sure a lot felt the same (who are far apart from our loved ones). Due to this reason: with the pieces that I produce, I hope to provide a symbolism between friendships, family, and loved ones while also creating an awareness of the problems we face in today's society by allowing you to take part in the charity I have linked on my website each month. 


I am so excited to build a community with you that would also enable me to spread awareness!