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About Hashino Designs

Jena HashinoMy name is Jena Hashino.

I am half Filipino - half Japanese. I grew up in Manila most of my life but now I live in Tokyo, Japan. Living in Japan, I tried to enter the field of Education, as you know living in a non-speaking country, teaching English is the easiest way to make a living. I have done that for many years but I never felt really connected and passionate about it. I always had this urge to create and or produce. 

Growing up, I am constantly connected to music. I enjoy singing, I enjoy listening to melodies, listening to tunes all day. I don't think I can ever get tired of it. I think it's because of music, I always had the urge to create. I live to feel inspired, inspired to grow, to learn something different, especially related to arts and crafts. I believe it's that moment whenever I see a music video, it's the visual - color schemes always resonate with me. 

One day, I saw a really fascinating piece of jewelry and I felt captivated by its originality. I wanted to create something like that. My designs are inspired either by the color schemes or this certain vibe I feel in the moment. It's abstract.

Looking back, one thing that captivates my attention is the vibrance of African fashion. So, I saved money and ventured to South Africa to join a metalsmith workshop. I enjoy metalsmith so much and soon hope to incorporate it into my collections.

As for now, I create with Delica Beads. I learned to create them during the pandemic. Each intention is a piece of my mood, split into 9 different elements. I will be adding more collections on my website seasonally. I love to create, I have a book filled with drawings (even if I am not good at it), as long as I understand each intention that's all that matters, right? 

I can't wait to grow as a designer, to create and share each of my creativity with you. I hope that with my collection(s), we can create a connection, and build a friendship that can resonate with each item(s) here on my website.